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Rachel Katstaller from El Salvador

did it all get real i guess its real enough they got refrigerators full of blood another century spent pointing guns at anything that moves. sometimes i worry that i've lost the plot, my twitching muscle tease my flippant thoughts, i never really dreamed of heaven much until we put him in the ground. but it's all i'm doing now, listening for patterns in the sound of an endless static sea...

easy/lucky/free - bright eyes



Link for images of Fabrica Lisbon exhibition!

Hello dear Notebookers! :)
Leandro sent me a link with some images of his notebook at Fabrica´s website,
there are also some other images of the exhibition at Fabrica Lisbon,
please take a look!

Best regards and smile from rainy Porto!

Manuela :)

P.S.:thanks Leandro!



Vasiliev Aleksey from Russia

I am Vasiliev Aleksey
Russia, City Kalyga

Jacob Schere - visual artist living in Tokyo

I am a photographer and visual artist living in metropolitan Tokyo, Japan.
My goal is to bring people together to communicate, exchange and express
ideas in art.


Jacob Schere
Lucid Communication

Liu Fei from China

Hi,all colors notebook friends,
I had registered my blog here, I would update my works on it in the future. I am an artist, most of my works are painting,sometime I create installations and other style works too. For weakness of my English, I would like communicte with all friends by my works.
It's very excited that we could share our works with each other here.thanks!
BTW,how could I link my website with here?